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A great tool to resolve all privacy concerns on your computer with a single click

Goversoft LLC - August 17, 2020
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Privacy concerns are a hot topic nowadays as many privacy and security breaches have shaken the giants of the Internet. Your computer is full of files that may be used to compromise you and it would take hours if you wanted to get rid of them manually. Luckily, PrivaZer promises to take care of that problem.

PrivaZer is a free tool that can be used to delete all traces of your activity located on your computer or any storage device you might be using. It scans your computer thoroughly and deletes all files that contain personal information or activity tracking. Opening it for the first time requires that you go through a set of steps for the initial setup. You only need to do this once.

You can select whether you are a basic or an advanced user and the program adjusts appropriately. Everything the program does on your computer is well explained and no system instability or data loss should occur. You can perform an in-depth scan of your computer which should be your first step. Everything on your computer is checked and you will find that the first scan definitely takes a while. Cleaning your computer leaves it without a trace of your activities!

Other useful features include scheduled scans and specific scans such as Internet activities or software use. Check out advanced options for more useful settings such as safely deleting files or folders and exclusion from the scanner. There is a Donors version of the program available to people who choose to donate. They receive some additional features, making the Donors version more of a premium one. However, the software offers many things for free and it's definitely a great tool to have if you are concerned about privacy!

• Completely free
• Offers to create a portable version
• Performs a thorough scan and clean of your computer
• Offers a great explanation of each option to make sure you don't delete important things
• There are two views: Basic user and Advanced user
• It looks somewhat outdated
• There is a Donors version which basically translates to Premium


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